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UV resin beginners course

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The online self-learning workshop for UV resin beginners offers a comprehensive introduction to the fascinating world of UV resin. In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of UV resin casting to create their own unique pieces of art and jewelry. Before you start this course, we recommend our preparation course for beginners (Resin Dictionary). However, the most important points relating to UV resin will be repeated again in this workshop in a greatly abbreviated form. The workshop begins with an introduction to the materials and tools needed to work with UV resin. Participants will learn about the different types of resin, color pigments, molds and equipment to use in their projects. After the basics are covered, the workshop will go into different techniques of UV resin casting. Participants will learn how to mix the resin, add colors and create different effects. Tips and tricks for avoiding blisters and other common problems are also provided.

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Single Payment
12 Boxen + Gratis Adventskalender DE-AT


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