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Our new business customer program

Dear B2B resellers, artists and customers

After 3 years of B2B shop, it is time to adapt and modernize our B2B program to our customer needs!

Now possible for professional resin artists

All B2B customers who have previously ordered regularly via our B2B shop must now register with our new B2B program

Instead of the previous percentage in the shopping cart, we now offer you 20% cashback on your account in the form of a refund or a 30% value voucher in our shop without a minimum order value. Important! To get this discount, you always have to use the unique link stored for you in your profile and have the cookies active. If the link is passed on, orders will not be assigned to you and eliminated! We reserve the right to change the link if there are too many wrong orders. Danger! Unfortunately, B2B discounts for professional resin artists cannot be combined with other discount campaigns or already reduced items! Goods that have already been reduced are automatically excluded from the B2B discount. Cannot be combined with other discount codes. If another discount code is added anyway, the B2B discount will become ineffective.

Attention this service is only available for EU customers. If your delivery address or your tax domicile is not in the EU, we ask you to take advantage of our offer for resellers or our just-in-time delivery offer.

For resellers

For all B2B customers who order from us by mail, this will not have any changes.

For resellers who order by email, the correct discounted price will be shown on the invoice, as before (intra-community trade). The conditions are therefore still the same. Important! This service only applies to orders over €300. There is a 30% discount on molds, 20% on accessories, 10% on resins and no-name items and 5% on selected brands. As well as special prices for custom-made products and large quantities.

Of course, resellers can also use the mixed calculation option for professional resin artists. All you have to do is register here:

and use as described above.

For larger purchases of different items, you can use our order form! This simplifies the ordering process.

For resellers with just in time delivery

As an alternative to our cashback program, it is possible to receive a monthly statement. For this purpose, an order must be made using "Excel order". This "Excel order" is available from us by email on request, or can be downloaded free of charge from the shop.

Danger! This service is only possible from an order value of €100 up to a maximum of €300 per month. There are 30% on molds, 20% on accessories, 10% on resins and no-name items and 5% on selected brands.

For orders under 100€ please use our B2B portal and for orders over 300€ our order form with prepayment!

End of service date!

Our website is still available until March 31, 2023 and will then be automatically redirected to our website

If you have any questions about the changeover, we would be happy to answer them by phone on 004366488784463 or as a direct answer to this email

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