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The Chooseyours11 ECO silicone mold standard

An important part of Chooseyous11's DNA is not only the high quality standard, but also our desire to make our production processes as environmentally friendly as possible.

This is exactly why we created the Chooseyous11 ECO emblem.

All items equipped with this emblem have particularly environmentally friendly properties, which we explain in the product descriptions.

In this blog post we would like to inform you specifically about our ECO-Mold production.

When you buy a silicone mold from Chooseyours11, you not only pay for the excellent quality and above-average lifespan, a large part of our development costs are constantly aimed at making our products and production processes even more environmentally friendly.

Every mold with the ECO seal is produced according to our latest production standards.

  • We do not use single-use plastics 100% in production!

  • All materials used for blank production are recycled several times.

  • All production processes are operated with a 98% green energy mix.

  • All Eco-Molds over 10cm are shipped in a reusable storage box, which does not need to be thrown away.

  • As little material consumption as possible with the longest possible service life.

All of these measures are just the first step towards our big goal of making mold production environmentally friendly. With every purchase of an ECO-Mold you bring us closer to this goal!

Convince yourself of the quality of our eco silicone molds and test them out now.

In addition, all of our Hobby molds meet the same high standards that apply to our Eco molds.

Learn more about environmental awareness when using resin in all of our resin art shops (Here)

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