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Silicone mold for epoxy or UV resin. Is only made by hand from high-quality silicone after the order has been received. All of our blanks are made from high-gloss acrylic which is ideal for molding in silicone. All of our blanks are made from high gloss acrylic. This special acrylic has an excellent surface that is ideal for molding in silicone.


Immerse yourself in the world of creative crafts with our specially designed silicone mold. With its star motif and integrated rod, it offers the perfect combination of design and functionality.

Key Features:

1. Stylish Star Design: The elegant star design provides a wonderful background to highlight your memories.

2. Integrated stick: The stick provides a secure hold for your picture and presents it in the perfect position.

3. For small format pictures: The shape is optimally sized for Polaroid photos and other small format pictures, so you can present your favorite moments in style.

4. High-quality silicone: The durable and flexible mold made from our self-developed choose silicone allows for easy removal of the hardened resin and guarantees clean edges for your creation.

Whether as a decorative element for your home, workplace or as a personal gift - with this silicone mold you can bring special memories to the fore and at the same time let your creative side run wild. Showcase your photos and create lasting works of art with our star motif silicone mold!

Photo holder silicone mold

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  • Watch the video from Sonja Werners Kreativmanufaktur to get inspiration on how you could implement this project.

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