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The WALTL Porsalino casting compound is a synthetic material for the production of reliefs, ornaments and molded parts of all kinds.

The finished parts have a porcelain-like structure, which gives the objects a very high-quality and fine look. The individual color design of the finished works of art underlines their beauty and uniqueness.

WALTL Molding Compound Porsalino – For high-quality, porcelain-like molded parts

The porcelain-like structure of the fired molded parts makes the objects look very classy and stylish. You can either paint or varnish your artwork after completion - both variants underline the noble character of your work.

Product features and advantages at a glance:

  • molding compound
  • Fast precise impression
  • Porcelain-like structure of the molded parts
  • High-quality
  • Paintable
  • Easy to process
  • For painting with acrylic, watercolors, dispersion paint, etc. suitable
  • can be colored before use.
  • can be processed with woodworking tools, e.g. B. drilling, grinding etc.
  • fast curing without additives. No firing required.

Material list / what you need!!!
Measuring cup, water, Porsalino molding compound, stirring stick or preferably a WALTL dissolver stirrer, Silicone mold, mug.

Calculation of the filling quantity:
First fill the silicone mold with water to get the total volume.
Sample calculation:
Total volume of water 500ml x 2 = 1000ml
Total capacity 1000 ml : 4 = 250 ml
Porsalino impression material 250 ml x 3 = 750 ml
Water 250ml x 1 = 250ml

Material data/ application: Delivery form: powder form
Mixing ratio: water 3 liters Porsalino to 1 liter water.
End of solidification approx. 20 minutes
Demolding time approx. 30 minutes depending on layer thickness
Hardness approx. 200 N/mm²

Processing: Ideally, a mold made of Sili Flex plus or Sili Flex extra soft (silicone mould) should be used.
To color the mass, you can color the water with commercially available tinting paints (for emulsion paints).
Stir the Porsalino powder into the water in the specified ratio (3/1).
Make sure that no air bubbles are hammered in.
To deaerate the mixture, gently shake or tap the bucket to release the air. Repeat this process after pouring to eliminate any remaining air bubbles.
After the processing time of approx. 10 minutes has elapsed, do not move the mass.
After about 30 minutes, depending on the thickness of the layer, the hardened cast can be removed from the mold.
Ensure good ventilation during final cooling. After complete hardening (approx. 8 hours) the surface can be colored.

In principle, Porsalino hardens just as quickly as plaster. The difference with plaster is, Shore D hardness is about 75 and plaster has only about half that. After hardening, the Porsalino has a porcelain-like sound.

WALTL molding compound Porsalino 500g

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  • This product is marked eco because it is an environmentally friendly alternative to real epoxy resins. 

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