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Highly pigmented color paste for use in epoxy resin.

Colorberry has changed the look of their pastes a bit with a new bottle and label. in short: a complete make-over for the pigment pastes.

Now it is filled into an airless micro-dispenser that prevents the pastes from drying out, easy dosing - no chopsticks required. There will be nothing left in the bottle as I am sure you will want to use every single drop of this quality product. It is now no longer necessary to screw the lid back on to avoid unnecessary contamination of the liquid. also looks sexy ;)

Application: Just use a small amount to achieve a transparent look. By mixing more color into the resin you will end up with an opaque colored resin.

Please make sure not to use more than 10% of the pigments with resin.

- Light fastness according to the wool scale: 8 (very good)

- finely dispersed (high-end product)

Color Paste Ivory 30ml

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