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Choose Eco is our solution for sustainability in the resin art sector .

On this page you will find all ECO products that were developed or purchased with special attention being paid to environmental friendliness.

Molds made without consuming new plastic resources or disposable plastic, resins with enormously high biomaterial content or products made in the heart of the European Union.


Organic content in the resin

No import

Manufactured in DE and AT


linear meters of plastic

reduction monthly


Polish Made in Germany

Epoxy resin polishing paste SPH 02

Bright eyes

glitter from Germany

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Tropical Leaves

One mold is still  not available on Eco? Write us!

Premium silicone for premium molds

Molds Made without using new plastic resources*

*Valid for all blanks and production steps. However, this does not yet affect the silicone itself. 

Why are our products "Eco"?

ECO blog news

Eco resin

Almost 50% organic

43.59% organic content in an epoxy resin and almost without any surcharge compared to conventional chemical products.

Blog coming soon
Resin polishing kit

No trip around the world

Excellent manufacturers of resin art accessories are here and not in China!

Polishing epoxy has never been easier.

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Shopping cart chip silicone mold

ECO Molds are just the beginning

Thanks to the new EXO technology, we were able to develop ECO. However, this is just the beginning. Let yourself be surprised!

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All pastes except white!

ECO color pastes

Shipping is simply better!

ECO Shipping for all packages over 1kg within Germany

Kima Protect logo GLS
Tropical Leaves

EXO is the further development of our Mold Frames. Based on the exoskeleton architecture, new standards are being created that take our production and molds to the next dimension and even reduce costs. 

Gen 1.2



  • Cheaper selling price*

  • Glossy top finish

  • Sharp Edges

  • no adhesive residue

  • Clean finish 

  • More durable

  • free logoMigration*

  • Regular frame spacing

  • Faster production

  • 100% recycled plastic

  • Nodisposableplastic

  • Selling price is higher*