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Our revolutionary photochromic pigment gives your projects a very special touch. With its unique ability to change color when exposed to sunlight, it becomes a real eye-catcher. In its normal state, it presents itself in a delicate shade of rose, but as soon as the sun's rays hit the pigment, it transforms into a fascinating purple.

The application of our pigment is very simple and user-friendly. Thanks to the practical dropper bottle with child-proof cap, the pigment can be easily dosed and added to your epoxy resin project.

You have the choice between two sizes: 10ml or 25ml. Depending on your needs, 5 to 10 drops per 100g of epoxy resin are enough to achieve impressive results.

Other colors are also available. 

Photochromic drop in pigment

SKU: 9180000969123
PriceFrom €3.99
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  • Für die Farbe Rose zu Pink verfügbar 

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