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Geoden Stein Natural
Geoden Stein Natural

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Resin art picture by Marmeladsience

Geodes or agate coasters made of synthetic resin are totally in line with the trend right now, under the                   hashtag #geodeart you can find over 85,000 pictures               on Instagram alone.

      We are happy to introduce you to a German geode              artist and her wonderful products.


                      In addition to her Instagram account with over 12,000                                    subscribers, marmeladescience also regularly uploads videos                      on YouTube. We highly recommend you to watch her videos.                         From the basics to the details, marmeladescience shows you                      everything you need to get started right away. Now there's only one             thing missing: The right mold. We have revised our complete geode               collection, which you can view at the bottom of the page.




Geode coaster made of resin pink
Geode tray made of resin

jam science 

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Premium silicone molds 

Large trays

Tiered silicone molds