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PixieCrafting UV resin is a transparent gel that cures in ultraviolet (UV) light or direct sunlight. Unlike other resins, such as epoxy, you have full control over when and how quickly it hardens. You can take the time your jewelry deserves when glazing, sealing and protecting your creations. Your creations will remain crystal clear even after curing.

Our crystal clear formula impresses with its previously unattainable UV resistance, which was developed specifically for transparent works. Our long-term testing is still ongoing, but we haven't noticed any yellowing in full sunlight after 8 months!

The low-viscosity resin is particularly suitable for thin layers and is distributed in narrow and delicate shapes as if by fairy hands.

You will receive 250g of clear, thin PixieCrafting crystal clear UV resin in a large refill bottle. If you do a lot of crafting, this is perfect for you.

Curing times for a transparent 5mm layer:
36 watt halogen: 9 minutes
48 watt combination lamp: 4 minutes

Storage: optimal at 20-25°C
Shelf life: approx. 12 months in the sealed bottle

250ml UV Resin Crystal Clear Pixie Crafting

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