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PixieCrafting UV resin is a transparent gel that hardens in ultraviolet (UV) light or direct sunlight. Unlike other resins, such as epoxy, you have full control over when and how quickly it hardens.

You can take the time your jewelry deserves in glazing, sealing and protecting your creations.
Your creations will stay crystal clear even after they have hardened. The thin resin is particularly suitable for thin layers and spreads out in narrow and filigree shapes as if by fairy hands. With this resin you create the body of all your jewelry.

Let your creativity run free and work in glitter, pigments, stickers and other magical things.
You get 25g of clear, thin-bodied PixieCraftin UV resin in a bottle with a practical spray nozzle, with which you can apply it precisely and without bubbles.

UV resin low viscosity Pixie Crafting

PriceFrom 7,20 €
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