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Can you pour crystals?

Pictures say more than a thousand words. We have poured for you (from left to right)

Plastic crystals, glass crystals without coating, glass crystals with silver layer, glass crystals with coating and resin gems.

As you can see from the result, only one thing really sparkles: our resin gems. Here you can read why that is and get inspired.

Plastic crystals: The synthetic resin and the plastic are so similar that both fuse together. You can only see the color.

Glass crystals without coating: As with plastic, this effect also occurs here. Maybe you still remember physics class and the glass rod that disappears in the oil.

Glass crystals with a silver layer: As before, the crystal disappears and only the silver layer remains. However, since crystals still have a layer of dirt behind the silver layer, the result doesn't really look nice from behind.

Glass crystals with coating: While the crystal is no longer visible, the coating remains. Depending on the coating, this can create an interesting effect.

Resin Gems: They combine the capabilities of coating, the ideal cut and a mirrorless back and therefore not only remain 100% visible in resin, they sparkle and refract the light as they would in the open air.

Our Resin Gems now come in multiple sizes, shapes and colors and are perfected using processes designed by us so that they sparkle even more in the resin

You can find our entire Resin Gem range here.

Finally, we would like to show a selection of creations that our customers have conjured up with Resin Gems.

photos by: Sabine Fischer, Bettina Natascha Zölzer, Regina Bange, Dominik Maier, Julia Hellendrung, Simone Bauer and Marmeladscience

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